Tracey Cunningham Olaplex keverési arányok, szőkítővel, fóliás melírhoz

Tracey Cunningham Olaplex mixing ratios, szőkítővel, film melírnál I'm Tracey Cunnigham Los Angeles Meche salon.

The current models Stephanie, a 3% Lighter want to achieve results in the hair.

Therefore, a 6% gain Oxidation I will use 7.

5ml Olaplexel.

In the end I melírozni, and only 12% power 3.

75ml Olaplexel BALAYAGE technique, because I do not want to dilute too.

I tell you to shuffle Olaplexet the highlights of the film.

Start by mixing the bleach powder and an oxidizing agent before being added to the Olaplexet.

Add your Olaplexet measured quantity and mix.

Especially watch out for the size of the spoon, it will vary by manufacturer.

When the spoon 15g is written on, only half ounce.

When 30g or more szőkítőport you mix together, add 7.

5ml Olaplexet The proportions in each case the amount of dust Measure, rather than a mixed ensemble of products.

If you are using less than 30g bleaching powder, add 3.

75ml Olaplexet Paying attention to the fact that increases the strength of an oxidizing agent a whole when using bleaching powder.

Use -ost 6% 3% score, the use of -ost 9% 6% 12% -ost outcome and use the outcome of 9% and so on.

Any questions can be time and shades of lightening, megoldhatsz that use less Olaplexet.

Okay, we only just finished Stephanie! As a reminder, 6% used Olaplexel, which received a 3% profit.

and 12% -ossal, BALAYAGE the ends.

Dazzling looks and super healthy hair In conclusion, we did a Olaplex Hair Knitting Multipliers treatment.

15g Olaplexet No.

1 mixed with 90g of water, which ráraktunk your hair for 5 minutes, then rinse without the Olaplex No.

2 pace for 10 minutes.

Thus, the hair feels stronger and healthier.

Source: Youtube