OLAPLEX – Tracy Cunningham – L’utilizzo di Olaplex per i Colpi di Luce

OLAPLEX for Shots of Light Hello, I'm Tracey Cunningham of Meche Salon Los Angeles.

Today, my model is Stephanie.

Ok for Stephanie I want a result to be 10 vol.

of her hair; then I'm going to use oxygen 20 vol.

with 7.

5 ml of OLAPLEX and then I'm going to make a sweeping on the tips using one lightening 40 vol.

with just 3.

75 ml of Olaplex why I not want it to be diluted too much.

Let me explain how to mix OLAPLEX for light strokes with maps.

Start by mixing your lightening together with oxygen, before adding OLAPLEX.

then add the pre-set dose of OLAPLEX and thoroughly mix everything.

Pay close attention to your teaspoon dispenser, I am fairly standard: if the dispenser is written 15 grams or 15 cc then it only contains 15 ml.

When mixing 30 grams or more of bleaching powder used 7.

5 ml of OLAPLEX.

The report It is in relation to the amount of bleaching powder, not to the total of the mixture.

If mixed less than 30 grams of bleaching powder used 3.

75 ml of OLAPLEX.

Always keep in mind you have to raise your level of oxygen when used OLAPLEX.

Use the 20 vol.

for a result to be 10 vol.

Use the 30 vol.

for a result to be 20 vol.

and use the 40 vol.

for a result to be 30 vol.

and so on.

Any problem with the processing times and posing It can be solved by using a smaller amount of OLAPLEX.

Ok here we are, we just finished Stephanie and remember that we used the 20 vol.

with OLAPLEX which gave us a result of 10 vol.

is 40 vol.

on the tips, with sweeping on the tips.

and I think it is magnificent and his hair is really very healthy Later we did the OLAPLEX treatment with 15 ml of OLAPLEX # 1 and 90 ml of water, the whole strewn on her hair.

After 5 minutes we put OLAPLEX # 2 left on for 10 minutes, and his hair is stronger and healthier.

Source: Youtube