OLAPLEX – Tracey Cunningham – Testimonianze

TREATMENT OLAPLEX OLAPLEX about who should I use? On anyone! I have had experience of a new customer came into my living room with so damaged hair brushing is destroyed So I said: "You know what? About you must do the OLAPLEX Treatment In addition I send you home with OLAPLEX Ranked # 3 and I want to apply it on your hair for two weeks; then I come back here to me.

" Of course it was a bit 'upset but, you know we have a lot of customers who want to become more and more blondes And so I showed her hair and I said "are you sure you want to go to lighten equally because here for sure we're going to break them, and even here in the tips.

" Initially it was a bit 'confused with me, but once made the OLAPLEX Treatment He remained totally fascinated.

And his hair was great, they were intact, were incredible.

Source: Youtube