Lightener Em películas de Tracey Cunningham

music hi and Tracey Cunningham online puree in Los Angeles today my model is Tapani so I am Stephanie I'm really want volume 810 result honor here so I'll use 20 volume with the cable around some all black and I Bali ISBN and I use an increase of 40 am Pliage with only an eight down were all applied because I do not want it to be diluted human'll tell you how to do all the signs for Featured oil start mixing your Leitner and developer together before doing anything at all add plate measured quantity plate Samoa and mix well special attention to jump side as they bury by manufacturer if the fund group says 15 grams are DC 15 then spoon is only half ounce output and when the mixture is further bleach powder use a quarter ounce one baller signs the relationship It is compared to the total product not in powder mixing last one ounce bleach powder use an eight down until I'm having in mind you should bump its developer in a full level when using use Lightner twenty volumes for a 10 if successful use by 30 am 829 result 40 noon to 830 for a result and selling NU any problems with the processing and assembling time or left can not be solved using bath okay, so just finished one knee and remember to use the volume 20 with all the sign who gave a 10 solved volume and 40 buy in cash and bally ride on one thing for you Cortez and his hair is super healthy we all a Plex treatment after At where a half pound of Paula and three plates and said water to put everything on its head after five minutes we put the fax number two He left it for 10 minutes and your hair feel stronger and healthier good.

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