Selena Gomez sta di nuovo male: Justin Bieber preoccupato

Selena Gomez is hurt again: Justin Bieber worried Justin Bieber Selena Gomez concerned about your health New health problems for Selena Gomez

After lupus and subsequent kidney transplant, nellultimo period of Justin Bieber's girlfriend is suffering from depression and anxiety So much so that, as revealed by The Blast, the singer was granted two weeks of rest in a specialized center Between therapy, meditation, proper diet and pilates, the former Disney starlet has sought to re-energize and defeat his demons Now he is already gone home but Justin continues to be concerned about the links As reported Hollywood Life, Bieber is doing everything possible to calm the Gomez and keep it away from drama and stress

The young man is very keen to Selena and want to avoid any kind of discomfort Therefore, recent talk of a crisis between the two – because delleccessiva jealousy girl – seem unfounded: Justin and Selena are deeply in love and the artist just wants to give Canadian serenity and tranquility to his sweetheart ! Justin Bieber Selena Gomez advised to slow down the pace of work The new album in the works and the recent argument with her mother put a strain on Selena Gomez The fifteen days in a specialized center have served to combat the period dellultimo malaise, due to work and personal problems tasks

Now Selena is back with a strong home and full of life, but Justin has advised the singer to be careful to not fall back into the abyss Bieber to Selena advised to slow down the pace of work, living things more calmly Justin is afraid that too many work commitments can jeopardize his health Therefore advised to concentrate girlfriend on a new creative hobby, maybe a painting or sculpture has said a source at the US magazine The new work commitments Selena Gomez

In addition to working on the new album, Selena Gomez is very involved as influencers In fact it becomes the testimonial of two prestigious brands: Pantene and Puma

Source: Youtube