Selena Gomez Friends Fear Drug Relapse, Breakdown?

Selena Gomez Friends Fear Drug Relapse, Breakdown? Selena Gomez’s friends fear she is on the verge of a breakdown from a drug relapse, according to a completely wrong tabloid story This article, which regurgitates already debunked claims, has no merit

FASHION CHANEL can bust it According to the National Enquirer, Gomez is “stressed out” and being “pushed to the brink,” but her recent time in treatment wasn’t for mental health issues Rather, the supermarket tabloid alleges her “latest stint in rehab was a desperate attempt to curb her hard-partying ways” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Selena’s inner circle is afraid she is back on drugs and racing toward a breakdown”

The gossip magazine, however, has no evidence whatsoever to substantiate its drugs and partying allegations In fact, while its supposed snitch maintains Gomez has been doing “some pretty heavy partying,” there is not one example given of her actually doing so And the outlet’s purported tipster insists “everyone close to her is worried” that she’s “back to old behavior,” yet it has nothing to back any of these assertions up Rather, the publication merely points to Gomez’s well-known falling-out with her mom, Mandy Teefey The tabloid repeats sister outlet RadarOnline’s false contention that the pop star changed her phone number and is only able to communicate with her through Justin Bieber

Actually, virtually all of the allegations in this article were cribbed from the website, which falsely claimed Gomez was having a drug relapse nearly two weeks ago At the time, FASHION CHANEL was told by a rock-solid contact that such claims were “not even close to true” We were also assured that Gomez hadn’t changed her number The National Enquirer now printing the same assertions nearly word-for-word doesn’t all of a sudden make them accurate And, for the record, Gomez’s time in therapy has always been to deal with mental health problems like depression, not drugs

So the notion that she’d now in a drug relapse and seeking treatment for that is patently erroneous This latest untrue report comes nearly a year after the tabloid accused Gomez of fleeing an intervention to party with The Weeknd, whom she was dating at the time Much like now, the magazine had nothing to support its claims A few months later, the outlet made-up a “pregnancy horror” story, in which it was alleged Gomez was “terrified” she was pregnant when she actually wasn’t The publication seems fond of putting the singer-actress in outrageous scenarios, apparently preferring scandal and sensationalism to the straight-forward truth

Gomez and readers both deserve better