Talk Show the Game Show – Melissa Joan Hart Got Britney Spears in Trouble | truTV

like, on — on the path when you were younger? I was just — I don't know I liked to work hard

I had good people around me, like Beth Broderick and Caroline Rhea, who will be here Whoo-hoo Um, you know, so I had good people around me to take care of me, but I — I think I did help get Britney in a little bit of trouble What? Tell us We want to know

Well, I was working on "Sabrina," and Britney was there visiting She was gonna be a guest star Uh-huh And so I was like, "You know what? We're gonna go out dancing" So, um, I snuck her away from her bodyguard

Well, that's funand I took her out dancing How old was she? She was like 17 Oh, wow I was like 21

Oh, wow Look Yeah, that's about — That's our movie "Drive Me Crazy," right? That's at the premiere So, I was like, "Let's go let loose" But, you know, then she wanted to stay longer, and I was like, "I got to work in the morning

" So [ Laughs ] I kind of — I kind of left her And then she let loose for the following decade

[ Laughter ]