Kim Kardashian é acusada de apropriação cultural por penteado

Kim Kardashian is accused of cultural appropriation by hairstyle Again, the Kardashian family is involved in a controversy over cultural appropriation – now with Kim in the spotlight The socialite shared on your Snapchat a video in which it appears with the braided hair with shells on the tips

The style of braids used is associated with the culture of some African countries "So, folks I made the braids of Bo Derek and I am loving, "she said, referring to a famous American actress in the 1970s who used the same hairstyle in the movie '10' On Twitter, netizens criticized the socialite and the association with the white artist "First, f

Kim Kardashian to wear cornrows and call them 'locks of Bo Derek' Then f again to give credit to a white woman who was appropriating the braids to begin with, "wrote one user "Someone needs to tell Kim Kardashian that, like everyone, Bo Drek was at a resort, left some black woman braiding with shells in it and decided it was starting a trend Girl, bye Give the name it has, the #MagiaDaMulherNegra "said another netizen

So far, Kim did not comment on the charges