Undercut & Texture ★ Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik inspired hair ★ Men’s Hairstyle

Hello everyone!.

Welcome to Slikhaar TV.

Today we will cut hair to Casper.

Are you ready? I'm ready.

Yes, guys! We'll go to the classroom and teach them magic.

Let's do it! And here it is.

A super haircut for summer.

Here on the sides are 6 mm.

And we have disconnected the sides.

We have a gradient in the back.

Then we have different sizes here.


5 cm to about 7 cm.

And then we have cut enough, to give much more texture on the top.

If you want, you can comb it to one side or back if you want a slick-back.

Well, what do you think the court? I'm very happy.

I'm very happy.

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And there is nothing more to say, but we'll see next week with a new hairstyle.

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Source: Youtube