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hi guys how are you? I'm AndyZaturno hope you are all well Today we'll be talking about hair hair sorry I have in these so now I get up every morning but that hairstyle I'll show you right now has a lot to do with it on a tousled hair is rebellious and we'll be copying the hair style that have those moments Justin Bieber what we will be in need in this video is a hairspray, you can use a hairspray or a lacquer of any brand at this time I'm using it calls AquaNet that I love and we will also be using an iron You can also use any brand I am using this brand of Revlon I love so let it to achieve the hair style that has Justin Bieber right now we will not need much but if I suggest you have the longish hair to that end have that effect very similar I do not know if you guys noticed but at the moment Justin Bieber has the long hair at the tips especially in the part of the caput and short in part of the sides and the back even though I have the sides abundant I want to give that effect more aplaneamiento you do not have long hair on the sides so we will achieve with a little hairspray we hair pulling to the side we want or we look longer in my case it is on the left side but I have this very generous portion so let's apply some hairspray on this part to flatten more to make it a little shorter sorry if I'm not looking at the camera it is because I am looking at the mirror at this time we will need a good amount of hairspray in the contrasting side to copete to be a little more stable right now hands We proceed to flatten the hair to make it look much shorter to make it look even more blurred It TARA! It is a very easy procedure simple now the second part is the forelock board to make it look much more flatter to be a little uneven at this point I feel that I have hair inward in this way but Justin Bieber has completely straight, as if they were a pikes, ie completely smoothed.

so let's do this with the iron ok here and I have the hot iron I will put in high temperature we will need high temperature to achieve the effect of having the hair super super super straight and rebel Let us begin! I suggest you guys before you start ironing your hair will you apply some guard temperatures there are many brands in the market these moments can find it at any pharmacy for the hair are not allowed back very dry or very battered and as I told you guys what we want with topknot is that hair not remain inward.

I mean, well, not bone we will use the iron and to remain inward, but outward or whether it is completely straight and you see precisely that effect Ironing as does Justin Bieber right now.

you can do this process until you feel that you and your hair was very straight or if you feel that you're mistreating a lot you can leave it without ironing it more I'll do it for about 5 to 10 minutes.

ok once you've Ironing copete have to push him away as you can from your eye because the case is not that we cover the eye and it looks like an emo cut but it is exactly sounds like Justin Bieber and Justin Bieber has precisely the forelock next to the eye something like this make sure the ends are completely straight and there are no as well as having a curvature is completely straight but is to achieve the effect as you can with the plate the following happens boys It is that rebellious touch him without hair definition you can do It is descontrolarlo a little this way and then catch and tufts I hair start doing this.

give it a little more definition to the strands to fall straight and curvature I am telling you to not make the rear and the last step is to give kids some definition with lacquer or with hairspray I will apply little to not stay with a wet effect and to achieve that final touch to Justin Bieber, recreate a bit of its look he used in the VMA`s, he was wearing a shirt Yves Saint Laurent Saint Laurent Paris or patterned in Polka Dots or pelletized like I'm wearing right now, this is not of Yves Saint Laurent or Saint Laurent Paris, ZARA is a past collection but I love and now this shirt or this type of print is having a role very special in stores so it's quite possible that if you go shopping at Zara Bershka, Pull & Bear to Massimo Dutti or getting a very similar shirt this and I have a brand jacket Pacifika my country a brand that I love and this is not a leather jacket as does Justin Bieber but a denim jacket I wanted to give my own touch special, this is the final look guys with hair to Justin Bieber I hope you liked guys.

something else I wanted them to say not necessarily have to be blond tone as Justin Bieber have I think this is a black brown tone, I think it is a hairstyle that looks much more discreet for day to day not so SuperStar or as celebrity as does Justin Bieber right now, if you guys liked this video Manito please give up, you do not forget to subscribe because they come more videos like this on hairstyles hair cuts for men as it is tradition guys have a question for all of you and the question is this video blog Like the hair that has Justin Bieber right now? this hair just recreate, please leave it here in the comments box thank you guys again for viewing this tutorial, if you liked please share and as I always say I hope the universe conspires in your favor.

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