Korean Girls Make Boys Hair Styles For The First Time – Justin Bieber & BTS


What should I do now? Ow! Ah.


I am going to turn him into Justin Bieber.


Am going to turn him to "V" in BTS He might look better with his hair style.

(Laugh) His hair is all shaggy and curly.

So I really want to sweep his hair up! I don't think the process is gonna take that long.

20 minutes? I think that the work will take about 10? 20 minutes.

Your whole life might change in 20 minutes! (Laugh) I can't trust her! Yeah!Easy peasy lemon squeezy! I just have to do his hair the way I do mine! I will moisten his hair with the sprayer.

You shouldn't spray the water from that close! Really? I am really nervous right now.

Justin Bieber.

I want to look like him.


The middle part of his hair is clumped up Why are you straightening my hair? That's becauseI am going to give your hair a makeover Don't switch to cool air mode!(Laugh) Your hair is in bad condition right now To the right (x2) To the right! No! We shouldn't part your hair! Do it like this if you are willing to lower my hair! Let's start.

Do you know what are you doing?Yes! It's just.

This is different from what I usually use You better not give me any burns (Laugh) No! You look pretty right now (x3) You look really good now.

The thing is.

Your hair is still wet Your hair is going to get ruined now It's hot! Sorry but curling irons are usually hot Justin Bieber sweeps his hair upHe doesn't lower his hair!We need to do this first and then do that.

I think I am losing my hair.

(Laugh) I just saw one falling down Something's burning.

You should know that I've never done men's hair before Ah! Sorry~ It's okay because you have the back hair.

Yep, it's voluminous enough.

Good for you.

Did I burn your hair? Uh.

Did you? No.

It's all right Is it alright?Yep.

Don't worry Are you done with my hair? It says WET.

I should use the product while your hair is wet.

Right? This much? Or this much? I think it's too much.

Am I doing it right? You should rub the product between your hands Come on.

Like this! It feels like.

It's okay.

It'll look good I guess.

(Laugh) What should I do now? You told me to do this! Looks like dandruff in your hair! Sorry.

Wait a second.

(Laugh) I said too much.

(Sigh) Huh?It looks a lot better than you think! Which side do your prefer? This side? I totally ruined the styling part.

No, actually your hair is getting better with stylish wax! This isn't right.

(Sigh) This is NOT what I had in mind I am going to press this part a bit.

Don't touch my hair like this.

Uh-huh Should I grab your hair like this/ No.

(Laugh) (Laugh)Huh? Justin Bieber's style!I remember him doing this style! Doesn't my hair look like a comma(,)?(Laugh) No!This is Justin Bieber style! Grab my hair as if you are caressing a newborn baby Babies are usually bald.

You don't know how to use hair spray.

Am I right? I know how to use one!I often use one myself! Is this.

Right? Should I spray this from a distant location? Sorry.

Oh!Did I spray some into your eyes? You look awesome.

You look really nice~ Does it look okay? (Laugh) No? It looks real classy Classy? Really? See! Real classy! Oh~Are you satisfied? Honestly.

Not Bieber style.


I look like a chicken with a decent cockscomb.

My hair looks like it got bombed.

What are you talking about? I deliberately.

Like a rock star? It looks better than my usual hair style This is the key to your style Everyone was shockedbecause I came up with this! We should talk about this after the shooting.

The styling part is really difficult.

I don't even know the right amount.

His short hair made the joba lot harder than usual! Well.

I didn't expect a lot from her.

Why? Well, he has the Bieber style in some sense.

About 70% similarity? That's her opinion.


Yeah I don't think that I look likethe person in the photo you showed us earlier.

How do I look in your eyes? Classy? I am not commenting on that.


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