Justin Bieber Decides To Lose His Famous Hairdo – R.I.P HAIR FLIP

They are to witness history The Story Of My Amiguito It is in transition – This hair disappear! He did not want to.

I'm forcing myself -This forcing him forcing him Justin Bieber decide to lose his famous hairstyle I do not care-and-not cares She cut it all for you Admirers Bieber I love Believers I'll move the country after this The could not find Tell the truth, there will be nothing to use people haloween next year What used? Does bieber haircut last year? It is the beginning.

I will return at the end.

Bye 2 MINUTES AFTER !God! ! Remove it all! I said no, please You look like a kid in the fifties We are making history 'There will be more court Bieber.

-!Oh God! Wait.

You can not do that while I do this.

It's not your normal hair cut, honey is different Turn 17 in a week -For! Not that way.

You sure you do so? No you do this.

-Oh no.

Do you want to come out all right? Take it easy You can not control everything, man.

-¿ "Man" – -yâ let the court.

"Man"? I close my eyes to the end.

-Very good idea.

You can not even five seconds.

I know Time? I told you.

Change is good, man.

Any complaints? Yes "Yes"? 15 MINUTES LATER Vovimos the land of the lost,.

I'm excited and a half, because I wanted a change.

He had this long hair.

It will not be.

Well Seguire having my hair, But it will not be exactly the same.

hair I feel like Samson, I cut, and.

No more tendréan my super strength.

Really? That gives me a lot How do you think I'm doing so good to have hair? I do not wash.

!Never! I do not wash my hair for a week, ryan.

The girls liked dirty, greasy If -Sucio, girls like.

We are now drying.

Are we done with the cut? No, we did not finish.

Are the final touches FINAL SCORE -Here it is.

This is my hair.

It is cut shorter.

Will always remember you.


Source: Youtube