Justin Bieber Debuts Shaved Head With Drake Meme

For Complex News I'm Hanuman Welch and, yes,this next story happens to be about Justin Bieber's haircut.

You've been given fair warning.

Bieber, like most youths experimenting withtheir own identities, has taken us all on a real tour of global influences on his hairstyles.

From man buns to cornrows to dreadlocks to whatever this is, but I'm sure I've got herpesnow that I've looked at it long enough.

And now Bieber has taken to Instagram to showoff his new, fully shaved head that somehow makes the 22 year old look even younger.

Bieber had been accused of cultural appropriationwhen he first donned his dreads, which is an exhausting conversation to get into anyway,but if someone wants to walk around looking like this, thinking it's a good idea, I saylet them live in ignorance.

Bieber also shaved his head just in time to get in on the Drakememe action and posted the following VIEWS selfie.

After shaving his head, and not caring atall about cultural appropriation, Bieber spent the rest of the weekend setting hundred dollarbills on fire because it keeps him warmer than his $3,000 Saint Laurent bomber jacket.

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Source: Youtube