Is Justin Bieber Trying to Pull a Slim Shady?

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In an effort to try and draw fans to downloadhis new Justmoji app, Justin Bieber took to Instagram to tease that he had a new hairdohe wanted to reveal.

But when you're rocking a new do, a post showing off your look needsto happen immediately.

The biebs couldn't contain his excitementand posted another photo to Instagram showing off his new shaved bleach blonde look.

Itcertainly is on the tamer side of recent hair styles we've seen him try, but now fans can'thelp but notice his newfound resemblance to Eminem.

Twitter users were pointing out the resemblanceand asking for memes to be made ASAP.

One user even seized the opportunity to call fora joint track between the two.

Although the blonde days of Eminem are gone,the Detroit rapper sported the same shaved bleach blonde look during his rise to mainstreampopularity as Slim Shady.

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Source: Youtube