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Subtitles provider: christy Hey, I was RickyKAZAF I know you like to watch the boys hair piece So that the first three sections of sheet shot You can click outside the box these recalls, Remember to like and subscribe my youtube channel Today, I want to share a foreign star hairstyle for everyone I took advantage of dyed his hair silver hair, So do a justin bieber haircut today Shampoo, then, because I want hair a little brighter A little more moisture So I will choose I usually use shampoo that SP LUXEOIL Also with the SP Color Save, this is hairmask come, I will always use it as a conditioner Then, just blow dry hair Then you'll see see my hair I will restore the desired effect Relatively bright, and very shiny There will be a trace, very smooth effect I will use the Leave-in Conditioner Spray the hair above Then.

the whole head is sprayed once This time I will not wet spray, spray on dry Then dry it with a hairdryer on it Because my hair now have yet to fully dry, I think there should be eighty percent Then blow-dry it, can be done moisturizing effect I use this one Root Lift This ensures that the roots of the hair will be fluffy effect Were sprayed at the root position That careful, try not to both sides of the hair spray As long as the position of the top nozzle on it I will use straight hairpin, clip a rolled-up hair clip I've had eyebrow hair It will ensure that there can be a little curved out effect How then do it? Then I'll head hair pulled Then rolled back Simply get what you can Well, finished the first hair clip later I will be back this folder location To ensure that this position will have a curved back out After the clip finished, directly coated with hairspray This time of hairspray that would be in liquid form Why do this? Because I want to set my hair in good shape Can the entire head, pinch pinch spray So after you spray loose, hairdryer dry it and then you Then, we can make the final shape of the hand After drying the entire head of it, I'll hand to grasp it a little fluffy Just all the hairspray gel, fluffy little confused What good is it? That he will look more shiny hair Cecil more clearly, more fluffy After that, I will use this Shini Shine Crafter Smear on my hair Make sure to do modeling and justin bieber is the same shape Then you will see my hair is now all directions with justin bieber is exactly the same Just use hair gel mud can be a good overall shape After you've done, I would just spray on the wet hairspray The whole head is sprayed once It can be fixed in this shape all day the direction of hair gel it I will be with the clutch of a grasping position in front of the hair The head can be made more whole fluffy And then, I will get a position at the front bangs There, in front of which a handful of hair, I'll take it from side to pull down Today, I teach a justin bieber hairstyle I know if you still want to see the piece of hair styling It does not matter, to continue in the following comment also like my piece Then I will read all the comment, and then think about how you want to shoot Remember to subscribe to my youtube channel, our next video goodbye Bye ~~ Holding a piece of mirror Today I.

Dying I'm not acting.

How ah? So you are kidding me Hey, I was RickyKAZAF, today I will teach you how to do Justin Bieber's hairstyle.

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