David Beckham VS. Justin Bieber hair ★ Battle of the best men’s hairstyle

Hello everyone.

I Rasmus, you can now watch the Slikhaar TV.

These two are Ibrahim and André, we give Ibrahim a haircut today, please do not go away! Well, my friends! Now hair ready.

Ibrahim, how do you think this kind of hair? – like very much.


– I'm glad you like it.

So André, you have just done? In fact, I just did a little gradient on both sides, about 3 mm from the bottom of the circle is changed to about 1/2 cm.

Then the length of the hair above made gradual, from about 4 cm until the front of the 9-10 cm.

I think explain very well! Finally what we are here to show random some great comments in the video description section there.

In the video description section there.

thank you all.

See you next time!.

Source: Youtube