Hello my beautiful people of the internet, look how it turned my hair cut it's very sexy? Oh yeah! and was very funny, because when I left the salon.

I am another person I said WOW! This barber makes miracles! If truth did miracles because seemed like a cockroach, with that hair It seemed a waste, I mean my self-esteem is low because I not cut my hair Now that I cut my hair, I have high self-esteem.

Heyyy! So I wanted to tell this, and now when come the vacation I make thousands and thousands of videos for you! So you will notice if you passed here! Subscribe because you'll have plenty of videos daily! Let's go, let's do everything because we are in the summer do everything that I dont could do while I was in college was happening? when I thought of a brilliant idea, had to study for an exam :( When I thought of a great parody, had to read for the next class: ( It was difficult but also helps because it gives so many creative ideas for make videos And I said, well, every time I think something crazy them I'm going to write it in a notebook the notebook is already so overflowing with crazy ideas.

So in the summer I will shoot all the ideas I wrote in that notebook! So I wanted to mention that I'll be a long time here in Youtube I love making videos, I love so much And my dream in life, saw that when I started the channel i said that my dream was to act in a telenovela? But I have many dreams.

And actually my dream is to act in a novel, I do not care what, the butler, the guy who cleans or a beggar I do not care , appearing as an extra, even a beggar would be great! while passed the protagonist I say: A coin please! haha LOL It would be funny Or act in a butler: I have your clothes here It would be very funny, good but my second dream more than anything is study for film and television production I'm passionate about it, I love it.

I like the direction of camera, the lights, is my passion.

So I would study it as a hobby, and now I'm studying Advertising So after studying Advertising, when I receive it, I will start studying film production, radio and television that's what I love What I love in life Because to be a producer do should not have money, you have to have ideas I am able to invent a super telenovela With a blockbuster full of conflict, mystery, suspense, action and everything.

All genres in one telenovela It will be great, I'd write something, it would be fun: D Well this is I wanted to say, I'll be on Youtube and we see you in the following video, I'm going to the college and greetings to all.

I love them! Chau.

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