cc) 2016 ‘저스틴 비버’ 헤어 튜토리얼 – ‘Justin Bieber’ Hair Style Tutorial | Joseph Hair

Hello, I’m fashion creator, Joseph.

Just changing the hair style is better than buying 50 T-shirts.

That means that hair style is important for fashion! Today, I’m going to try the new hair style of Justin Bieber.

Actually when I saw it at first, I was ‘what is it? Does it really look good?’ And still I’m confusing.

But because I’m having a blond color now, I decided to try Justin Bieber's hair style! Let’s start the new hair style of Justin Bieber! I’m going to dry my hair first.

If you dry them by shading your head likethat, you’ll have 'muscular pain' the next day.

The point is to do styling when the hair is wet.

Next, I’m going to part my hair which is one of the most important things about men’s hair.

Lift your index finger and cross from the eye And keep going up just like drawing a line.

You don’t have to part your hair neatly, so just do it roughly.

If you parted your hair, you should press the side hair.

I’m going to brush the side hair just like putting them behind.

If the hair is settled, cover your head with a hood.

You could fix it by doing it.

I waited for 3 minutes to fix.

Next, I’m going to put hair styling product.

I’ll be using two.

And the first one is Pomade! This is 'Vant Pomade' but it is famous as 'Beenzino(Korean rapper)' Pomade.

To make wet-look hair, put enough Pomade on the palm.

Second product is a 'Clay wax from The Face Shop'.

For more strong setting,I’m going to mix little bit of wax with the Pomade.

Before putting it on the hair,you must mix it well, so it won’t get massed.

Put it generally on the hair just like raising them high to the sky.

It is better to do it by pressing the side hair.

Put the hair behind just like making 'pomade hair style'.

Then, put some side hair out And twist the ends of the hair to make more Justin Bieber's grunge look.

The hair of the middle of the forehead is the most important one! You should be careful when putting it behind.

Lastly, dishevel the bang and you’re all done!.

Source: Youtube