Best Men’s Hairstyle of 2016 | Tom Masle

Hello team, welcome back! In this video, I'll show how to do hair which I think is the most popular in 2016.

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The hair is trimmed from shorter to longer.

The team popout Bieber and Beckham wears variations of this hairstyle (Their hair is longer on the side than mine) Also YouTube stars Luca Faeroe Click on the image for its channel The hair is easy to do very good and modern looks can be exported to a lot of ways.

The length of the side is 1 mm (bottom) The above is from 2-3 to about 5-7 millimeters (due to thick hair looks longer) and the top is quite long & $ ^% $ '* (& * (' £) ( "*!) probably more than 10cm.

Okay okay, let's start! "Tools" First of all, wash your hair.

Then drying towels.

If your natural hair like mine, j ** not DISORDER You'll have to handle it First drying hair blow dryer and then pressing.

* Before drying hair dryer * Before drying, I'll put a bamboo lotion in the hair (softening).

Quantity, pour the product in the size of a coin.

The size of the coins is approximately coin one pound in UK 10 cents (a dime) in the United States (where the name) and Croatia is roughly the size of 1 kuna.

If your natural hair is a mess as my you might want to use the dry comb like this.

I do not know how it's called, but his teeth at an angle and it is helpful when drying hair pull back and so they follow.

* Drying hairdryer * So if your hair is curly as mine, iron in hand.

In the 21st century there should not wonder that FRAER used iron.

Do not be idiots *Iron* When handling hair odvoajajte hair into sections because it is easier, and the effect will be better.

When you are done with the baton * The application of the product * I'm using here Tony & Guy men's styling clay and depending on the density / hardness of your hair You will judge by the amount applied.

I again take the coin.


You can also use the comb, for a finer texture.

And that's about it! If you want more casual look rascupajte the (hair will continue to be handled) That's my everyday hairstyle.


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