How To Give Your Hair Captivating Curls

I'm going to show you curly girls how to doa perfect blow out with the diffuser that is so easy.

What I'm going to do is applya little bit of Captivating Curl Whipped Cream Mousse.

I'm going to separate the hair anddivide her hair into two sections.

I'm going to be pretty generous with the mousse.

I coulduse this much because I know this mousse is going to stay very soft and not crunchy.

Youcould already tell the curls are forming.

Work using low air at high heat to createthe ideal curls.

Start from the bottom up.

Gently work the hair, scrunching it as youlift with your fingers, which helps create volume.

Now that I'm done diffuse drying her hair,another way to wear this style is to simply twist a small strand of hair near the face.

Use a bobby pin and just place it right underneath, right behind the ear so then you don't haveso much hair falling into your face and it's a cute little style.

Now, I just showed youhow to diffuse dry her hair.

With the right tools we were able to achieve these beautifullysoft curls without the crunchiness or the stiffness.

It's very easy.

I hope you coulddo the same at home.

Source: Youtube