Jen Atkin & Continuum by DS Laboratories (Thai Subtitle)

Hi, I'm Jane Atkin as a hairdresser for many celebrities.

Now working at the LA New York, then Dubai.

I will prove amazing Continuum, which is very necessary for every hairdresser.

And for those who want to have gorgeous, healthy hair.

Other products that focus on solving problems for people with blond hair.

But what is special for Continuum.

You can work with all hair types, hair color or whether it would be out.

You can use the Continuum alone was to help restore damaged hair.

Continuum and what makes you different from other products is.

You do not have time to add or increase the strength of hydrogen.

This will make it work in your salon quickly.

Using Continuum alone gives your hair a healthy shine to hair bright and clear.

Continuum is like a trusty in the salon.

And customers can bring back to their own hair care easier.

Until the next appointment.

Continuum is also available with the Color Light Whitening Treatment stretch wigs and many more.

Why should I trust this product because DS Laboratories is a technology leader in on me.

Whenever you adjust the hair color.

You need a great deal to protect the hair products you can trust.

Now we are at a hair, then do it.

Then the technician made me famous, you Jessica.

And our customers This is a macro My client says she has broken the dry, brittle and easily broken, I felt lifeless.

So today we are going to do treatment for a single well.

Let's get started here Okay, today we will start with the first step.

We do not need to use Radia Clarifying Shampoo with you.

As long as shampoo, hair care and deep cleaning.

It is SOLD OUT Great post! Now we just washed my hair done.

We will use RO • MAXX to restructure the hair from the inside out.

You will then measure how much you like it.

Easy too Just squeeze RO • MAXX up 15 ml of water, then add the mixture into 45 ml.

I like to take it too easy.

And it does not harm your hair with it.

It can help to repair your hair a lot better.

When you enter into RO • MAXX has just comb.

Comb through me.

Use a comb to comb Products will not come off much.

Then waited for about 10 minutes.

Yes 10 minutes would have passed Now we're ready for the second stage, we will do it together RO • ZEN.

You hit it out of the three is enough, then put it down to me from root to tip it.

Then it dampen the entire head.

I feel different now.

You can try to catch it.

It's amazing to me Wow Then we will leave it for 20 minutes.

The first stage RO • MAXX 1.

Start by cleaning the hair.

Then wipe it lightly 2.

Mix RO • MAXX 15 ml of water, 45 ml.


evenly over then comb.

Comb through the hair 4.

Wait 10 minutes Step 2 RO • ZEN.


Wash and wipe out the RO • MAXX I lightly.


RO • ZEN onto the hair from root to tip over.


Wait 3-5 minutes and then comb through.


Leave for 10-30 minutes (I leave it to the good).


shampoo Now it's 20 minutes have passed.

Excited too You can see that It is different from the first.

And I better do it.

Now it's been done to me.

I brush my drive alone.

I feel that this product makes hair look thicker.

Look up the volume too much.

If you have curly hair, Wavy hair can make the hair style.

And I look more healthy.

This is amazing Her hair looked better Of course be a lot softer And I feel like a new avatar So let's look at her hair.

Before and after each You can see the difference from the beginning, contrary to much.

It was also somewhat different.

You can also see a photo from the camera with a high resolution.

I really improved her health.

Finally, I will provide the RO • TOPIA her home to care for himself.

The client will be available for seven days or every ten days.

In order to add strength to the hair constantly.

I'm excited to see their hair before and after you do it to me, and do not forget to hashtag #lovingdslabs it.

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