Sami Gayle's Hairstyle pics

Sami Gayle’s Hairstyle Pics

Sami Gayle’s Short Hairstyle

If you think that short hairstyles can’t look fancy or formal then think again! Using a few styling products Sami proves that short hairstyles can be transformed for evening events, switching up the part and adding in some extra volume. To get this ‘do, Sami has created a side part and swept her bangs over to one side with the help of gel. She also backcombed the roots at the crown to create a spiky effect. This is the perfect way to create a formal up-do look if you have short hair.

Sami Gayle's Hairstyle pics









Sami Gayle’s Smooth and sleek short ‘do

Here, Sami has taken her signature long pixie cut and not only darkened the color up a bit, but changed up the style too. Instead of wearing her hair forward, she has made a deep side part and swept her hair over to one side. This lightens up the heaviness of the first look we saw above, and gives her a different style of fringe which really changes her look up. The rich dark brown also goes great with her short ‘do too.
Sami Gayle hairstyle pics

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