Kim Kardashian: svelato il motivo del cambio di hairstyle.HD

Kim Kardashian: revealed the reason for the change of hairstyle Behind the change of hairstyle of a woman there is always a deeper reason, and apparently Kim Kardashian is no exception Want something new

It is a truth well known that when a woman changes cut or hair color, it is because he wants to make a change in his life All we passed and then we are surprised when the show is also a world famous star decides to try a different hairstyle and justifies it with desire for something new! Recently own Kim Kardashian, that hardly changes the color of her long raven hair, opted for a drastic change of course, dyeing your hair with a beautiful silver gray color – one of the trends of this rock in 2017 The queen of reality TV has sported this new hairstyle at the New York Fashion Week, leaving gaping all the customers But why this sudden decision? To reveal the real reason behind this Kim Kardashian whim, is his faithful stylist, Chris Appleton, in more fashionable event at the Big Apple has dyed his hair a beautiful silver gray An allure all its own

Even Kim Kardashian spoke on his site for this sudden fresh look, revealing that it was a bit 'of time that he planned to return to a lighter shade of hair "I said I want to go blonde for a while now 'time, and I'm so glad I did! I know that many people actually think that I wear a wig, but these are actually my real hair, "revealed Kim Kardashian, but until recently had a nice long bob up to the shoulders "We wanted to create just another style – said Chris, the stylist of the reality TV queen – This look is a huge change from the super long, the style of Cher, Kim leads since last year in Paris" The first time that Kim Kardashian has led platinum hair was in 2015, but this experiment did not last long and soon the queen of reality TV has returned to his old love, black The natural color of Kanye West's wife is in fact the raven, and in all these years of change has always come back – at some point – the classic shades

How long before that abandons her new silver look to replicate the dark tones? Maybe this time a bit 'more than a few weeks A run in the family Chameleon and eclectic, Kim Kardashian loves to surprise and change your look in time When the queen of reality disappear from the public scene for more than a week, you can rest assured that it is considering yet another transformation, and not because I have decided to stay quiet for a few days Since you seem to have taken her younger sister Kylie Jenner: the little house Kardashian, in fact, change hair color as the clothes he wears during the week, from pink to green, or from blond to black, with an enviable ease

In short, the Kardashian family if there is one thing that is missing is the boredom, and this also affects their outward appearance !

Source: Youtube