How to Do a Braid like Rachel McAdams | Braid Hairstyles

This is our Rachel McAdams inspired updo.

What we're going to do today is, it's going to be a big bouffant shapeleading into a soft simple braid at the side.

To start, we're going to start teasing.

We'regoing to start right at the front.

If your hair has a part in it,brush it all moving backwards away from your face for a while to kind ofbreak up some of those part lines.

So to tease, you want to brush the hair straightup and then you want to start brushing against the hair.

Start atthe base by the root and work your way up.

And it's going to look crazyso don't be alarmed by that, you should get a nice good bit to stand straightup, and then you're going to move right behind, again, brushing thehair straight up and teasing it down.

Within reason it's okay to teaseyour hair, obviously it's not something that you want to do every day, butevery once in a while is just fine.

So now I'm going to take these pieces on theside, so I'm basically teased this kind of Mohawk section back, and nowI want to put a little fullness on the sides.

I'm going to brushit up, and again going on the backside there, put a little bit of teasein.

The motion that you're doing with your brush is like a very softC shape, and do the other side, brushing straight up, soft C shape stand.

Now maybe one last section right in the back at the crown.

Mysections go all the way across the top of the head, but they're probablyonly one inch wide.

Now I've already prepped the hair before Igot started with the Beach Spray, so something with a salty texture spray worksgreat.

Now starting on that back section, I start by brushing the hairbackwards.

I'm not raking my brush all the way through, I'm just doingthe surface brush, but I'm just starting to move it all backwards, inthe direction that we want.

You want to brush through the ends, removingany tangles from down there.

Make sure we have these very frontpieces moving backwards, if they're not, go ahead and go in there.

Now that you've done that, you're going totake your two thumbs, put them in front of your ears and you're goingto just gather up the hair moving away from your face.

So you reallywant to maintain the soft shape that you've just created in the front, giveit a look, make sure it's pretty even, you want it to be a very softsilhouette.

Once you feel like you've got it there, you're going tojust take and do a twist in the back.

Now we take our bobby-pins, remembering notto open the bobby-pins because that puts too much hair in them, wewant a nice tight fit, and then just keep bobby-pinning it until it feelssecure.

We're just going to brush up and through, and what I'm going todo is I'm going to create a braid.

It will start here and it will swoopto the side.

Rachel McAdams wore this for a Red Carpet event, paired withsome beautiful earrings, big bold earrings.

I did the first couple of braids going straightdown, now I'm going to softly move them over to the side, braidingall the way to the ends, and then securing it with a small elastic band.

Now you want to take and spread the braid out, making it full and thick,almost a coutore look.

If you have some pieces fall out, that's okay,it's a funkier style.

Now that you've done that, just finish witha very light mist of hairspray.

And that is your Rachel McAdamsinspired look.

Source: Youtube