Elle Fanning Hairstyle Pics

Elle Fanning Hairstyle Pics

Elle Fanning Formal Curly Updo Hairstyle

Elle Fanning Hairstyle Pic

Here, Elle’s long hair has been parted in the middle and braided. The braids have then been wrapped around her head to make a crown.This is an elegant hairstyle inspired by the historic Greeks. The back is pinned to the head with one large braid worn as a head-band to complete the over-all style with grace.







Elle Fanning Medium Straight Hairstyle – Medium Brunette

Elle Fanning Hairstyle Pics

Here is Elle’s most recent look—a shiny blunt cut in a gorgeous reddish brown shade that makes her blue eyes pop!This brunette mane is blow-waved straight and dressed over the shoulders showing off the ends that are blunt cut for easy maintenance. The top is parted down the middle making this a fantastic style to frame a round face.

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