COMO FICAR CACHEADA COM BABYLISS ♡ Sapphire Wand 8in1 ♡ Irresistible Me

Look who decided to appear with curly hair! I'm totally in love with this hair! When I look at me in the mirror I feel impressed with my hair full of personality! These curls resulted fromSapphire 8in1 of Irresistible Me.

It has 8 different types of curls in just one product.

Today I'm going to use this barrel and I'm very excited to show the result.

It's a great product with double voltage, so you can bring it to everywhere! It has 360° cord that helps you with the movements.

It also has negative ions technology, this means that at the same time you curly your hair, it eliminates frizz and closes your cuticle.

creating a smooth and shiny hair.

I'm super excited to show youhow I did all this curls in my hair! So keep watching the video! Remember to leave your like below and subscribe to the channel! Follow me in Instagram too! Let's do it! So guys, my hair is already clean and dry! Today I'll be using the barrel "pearl"! We have the base of the curling wand and I fit the barrel on the baseactivating the lock not to drop.

I separated my hair into 3 parts to make it easier! In advance, I'll use the Jade Brush to eliminate the volume of my hair.

To avoid burning me, I'll wear the glove that comes with the Sapphire 8in1.

Another thing that I really like in this curling wand is that it heats up very quickly! Look! The 360° cord will help me a lot now.

I'll wait a few seconds to get ready! The effect looks so cute, isn't it?! With the barrel "pearl"each curl looks different from another one.

This will give me a natural result at the end.

Let's do the top part of the hair! I put my arm behindand go curling my hair and keep it like this! I'll use the Jade Brush in my fringe in order to reduce the volume.

As you know, in this part I prefer create curls in my hair ends.

I want to get the root straightener! I'll run my fingers through the curlsto achieve a more natural result.

I'll comb my hair with the fingers spaced between them.

You'll see how the result will look gorgeous! So, this is my curled hair! I hope you've enjoyed the final look! You can get a great discount to buy the Sapphire 8in1 in this link below! This is one of eight barrels that we have to try! I really love this product and I'm sure that you will love too! Remember to like the video and subscribe in my channel! Tell me what you think about the final result! Hope to see you in my instagram soon! See you in the next video! Bye!.

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